Optimise your Transport Operations with our Transport Management System

Effortlessly manage your fleet and streamline your logistics with our Transport Management System (TMS). Designed with ease of use and customisation in mind, our TMS adapts to your unique transport business needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

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Easy to Use and Customizable

User-Friendly Interface: Experience an intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI designed to minimise the learning curve, ensuring quick adoption by your team.
Customisable Workflows: Tailor the system to match your specific business processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
Flexible Configuration: Adapt the system's features and functionalities to meet the evolving demands of your transport business.

Role Based Access

Secure Access Control: Assign role-based permissions to ensure users only access relevant information and functionalities.
User-Specific Views: Provide personalized views and dashboards for different user roles, enhancing user productivity.
Password Management: Enable secure password resets and forgotten password retrieval options for enhanced security and convenience.

Control Your Data

Comprehensive Entry Module: Add and manage locations, warehouses, vehicles, and renewal categories seamlessly.
Consigner and Consignee Management: Keep track of all your consigners and consignees in one centralized location.
Data Integrity: Ensure accurate and up-to-date information for all entities in your transport operations.

Track and Update Vehicle Renewals

Renewal Management: Categorize and manage vehicle renewals efficiently from the entry module.
Timely Alerts: Receive notifications for upcoming renewals to avoid compliance issues and downtime.
Renewal History: Maintain a detailed history of all past renewals for audit and compliance purposes.

Consignments, Manifests, Bills, and Payment Updates

Consignment Tracking: Monitor shipments from consigner to consignee with real-time updates.
Manifest Management: Manage multiple consignments under a single manifest for streamlined deliveries.
Billing: Generate invoices for consignees, supporting monthly billing cycles.
Payment Tracking: Update payment statuses for consignments paid through offline methods, ensuring accurate revenue tracking.

Reports and Analytics

Detailed Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on consignments, manifests, bills, and payments.
Actionable Insights: Leverage accurate analytics to understand volume processed and revenue generated.
Custom Reports: Create customized reports to meet specific business requirements and decision-making needs.

Miscellaneous Features

Activity Logs: View content updates by date, tracking changes made by employees.
Dynamic Filtering: Filter data on the go in various views for quick access to relevant information.
Data Export: Export data to PDF and Excel formats for easy sharing and analysis.
Email Functionality: Send emails directly from the system, enhancing communication with stakeholders.

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